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Vertical gardens - the nature in your home

To call it a botanical miracle, art or just a trend?
Today, vertical gardens provide different opportunities for magnificent landscaping of the city of the 21st Century without taking up much space as they grow vertically on the facades, balconies and roofs of buildings.
There are many benefits from the green walls of vertical grains. They are not only very attractive and unique, but also provide a pleasant climate. They keep the rooms cool in summer, and stop the wind and cold in the winter. This saves energy in a natural way. In addition, the walls of the houses are not only protected against environmental influences, but also by cracks in the masonry that can be caused by the expansion during heating. For the sake of truth, green walls reduce precisely the temperature fluctuations. They also provide higher air humidity, enjoyable acoustics and improve air quality both inside and outside, in close proximity to lively streets. In addition to converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, living plants absorb harmful volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde and vapors that evaporate from fabrics, home fragrances, carpets, cigarettes and plastics.

Vertical and Japanese gardens that we build in our sites do not need to be watered. We install automated irrigation systems that care for the plants to take the shape and appearance to their greatest potential. The only thing that is needed to be done is to load systems with the necessary plant nutrients to keep the life of the vertical garden.
After you build the gardens, you can naturally develop them further by your taste, and apart from the evergreen plants, you can add flowers, herbs, and why not vegetables?