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Dear Customers,
Thank you for your interest in us and our innovative product.

We from the construction and investment company "Genov and Co" Ltd. are on the real estate market in Bulgaria since 2005. During this time we have successfully accomplished remarkable projects in Sofia, in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods - Boyana, East, Lozenets and others.
Appart of the real estate market in Bulgaria, we evolve construction activities in the United States as well, where we have built and are building luxury residential buildings in the most elite areas of Los Angeles, California.
Genov & Co. Ltd. is also an executor of public procurement in the field of infrastructure construction and services all over the territory of the country. All Information about this activity of our company is publicly available.
Our last two projects are the "Semiramida - Vitosha" residential complex in the Vitosha district and the "Boyana Fabiola" boutique building with luxury apartments in the Boyana district.
Over the years, we have proven ourselfs to our customers as a reputable and reliable builder who provides quality, functional, aesthetic and builded with style edifice to its customers. We believe that the high quality standarts, our correct partnership and precision, reflected in every detail, are what guarantees the success of all our projects. We offer our clients exactly what they need, because we are researching local and global trends in seeking and constructioning of residential real estates.
In our projects you will find the perfect balance between the priority characterization of the Bulgarian home, the innovative and eco concept according to the global model of developed economies, and of course, a great deal of individuality and originality of each project.
Vitruvius in his 10 books about architecture in the first century B.C. defines architecture in three words: firmitatis, utilitatis, venustatis:
Solidity -  the building must stand strong and withstand the time
Utility  - to be useful and to serve the Man
Beauty - to make people happy and to lift their spirits
Our company makes these three basic principles of architecture a reality.
We can offer each of our clients a truly unique, cozy home, in which, among other things, each purchased area is useful for its owners, the premises are bright and comfortable, and you get everything you need - nothing unnecessarily!
We put on leading place the design. Our projects contrast sharply with the mass type of construction. We achieve a clean and stylish silhouette of each building, intertwining classic shapes with brave architectural solutions, while at the same time managing to keep a vision that radiates warmth and harmony with nature. We believe that beauty is not just an outer material shell - it is just the foundamentals on which we stand. The spirit of a building is a combination of form and opportunity for environmentally friendly living. That is why, here with us, you will find homes with breathtaking views of the mountains, and nature will be just around you, and next to you.
The Semiramida-Vitosha complex is eco-oriented and reflects the latest world trends, focused in the recent years mainly at the construction of "green buildings", which through their green plantations, filter the air, absorb harmful emissions and protect residents from solar radiation and the city noises.
Here we strive not only to use natural materials, but also to literally green the facades, which we will turn into a vertical, evergreen forest with controlled growth, without the need for special gardening - maintained by automatic, water-saving irrigation systems.
Last but not least, we offer extremely attractive final prices for our buyers, so that they can buy their home with the parameters they are looking for (useful, area, quality, price, vision), at a much lower final price, from the average offered on the market for the type of property.
We sincerely hope you enjoy our site and find in our face the builder of your beautiful home - turned from a dream into a reality!