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1. The "Semiramida Vitosha" complex is an entirely new product for the real estate market in Sofia. Its main conceptual line starts with the minimum possible common areas, the distribution of the area in the most practical way, the preservation of comfort on the premises, while achieving an extremely attractive end prices for the customers. The project is eco-oriented, realized through direct contact with nature, stylishly selected natural and luxurious materials, warm, earth colors, with overflowing shades and for the first time in the capital - unique hanging gardens with drip irrigation system for each balcony. We have created for you a luxurious, beautiful green home. We have also reduce your expenses to a minimum, by designing the project, as separate individual boutique buildings withought the typical large service charges of a standard restricted access complex on the market.

2. The "Boyana Fabiola" Project is a boutique, luxury building with Act 14 (Certificate of Habitation), located in the most beautiful part of Boyana district - Baykal 11 Str., consisting of 6 three-bedroom, spacious town house apartments with high ceilings (3m), separate house type entrance for each apartment, fitness/sauna room and connoisseurs worthy views of the city.
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