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We started the preliminary sales of Building A in Semiramida Vitosha Complex

We started the preliminary sales of Building - A in Semiramida-Vitosha Complex

Now is the time to take advantage of our extremely attractive prices at an early stage of construction. Buy now or book with a deposit.
All pre-sales up to construction permit
have a 3% promotional discount from prices
listed in the Sales website section.

Time Limited Offer! Promotional prices:

One bedroom apartment for the price of a Studio!
Prices from 32 618 Euro excluding VAT!
(39 142 EUR including VAT)

Three bedroom apartment for the price of a Two bedroom!
Prices from 47 404 Euro excluding VAT!
(56 885 Euro including VAT)

Multi-bedroom apartment-3 bedrooms possible ( 1 One bedroom apt. +1 One bedroom apt. combined ) for the price of a small Two bedroom apartment!
Prices from 63 968 Euro excluding VAT!
(76 762 Euro including VAT)

VIP Multi-bedroom apartment- 4 rooms + 2nd loft level 17 sq.m,
Panorama to Vitosha and the capital, 4,25m high. ceilings of the loft areas, plus personalized access and views of the Japanese Garden roof!
Prices from 107 818 EUR excluding VAT!
(129 382 Euro including VAT)

Here you can acquire two apartments at the price of one! Call us to discuss the opportunities.
Hurry up! This option is only possible if you are among the first Buyers!

Deposit for one bedroom apt - 2000 € (two thousand) Euro
Two bedroom apt - 3000 € (three thousand) Euro
Multi-bedroom apt.- 4000 € (four thousand) Euro
Parking space - 300 € (three hundred) Euro

* The deposit is deducted upon signing the Preliminary Contract