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The BOYANA - FABIOLA project is an allegory for the relationship between man and nature, a metaphor of contact, communication, freedom of spirit. Nestled in the shade of old pine trees, the project shares both the comfort of an urban house, the clean mountain air and the comfort of the urban way of life (in the center of Boyana, on Baikal Str. 11, in the most beautiful and luxurious part of Boyana close to Belovodski Road, Kumata Str. and  at 10 minutes drive from the National Palace of Culture). The boutique luxury building is designed so that each apartment has a view or direct access to the large southern garden with a children's playground. At the same time Boyana-Fabiola building merges into a modern and functional building in the heart of the most luxurious neighborhood at the foot of the Vitosha Mountain.

The building consists of 6 luxury three-bedroom apartments, a town house type with a separate entrance and a house feel. Each of them has a gym space, a large storage area and a boiler room, a living room with a dining area and three bedrooms. The perspective customers have an opportunity to purchase underground parking spaces. Access to the beautifully landscaped garden with a children's playground is granted to all apartments, thus creating a wonderful social environment. All apartments have a spectacular view of the Vitosha mountain and the city, while being located the same time in the heart of the capital and among the unique natural environment.

General technical parameters of the building:
- Construction: monolithic reinforced concrete;
- External walls: masonry, ceramic brick 25 cm,
   thermal insulation 10 cm;
- Facade: Cladding with natural stones gneiss. High resistance to atmospheric influences,
   additional energy efficiency, humidity, frost - and noise insulation, fire resistance and durability.

- Joinery: 5-chamber aluminium, sun protection cover, triple glazing (4 seasons), Ka glass, low emission;

- Entrance doors: reinforced, fire-resistant, with secure door lock;

- Walls and ceilings: 4 cm padding for thermal and sound insulation, steam insulation, 1.2 cm plasterboard with additional sound -proofing on the partition walls of the separate apartments.

- Balconies: High-grade frost-resistant granite tiles, polyurethane waterproofing. 

- Common areas: flooring – gres tiles / granite; railings - glass and wrought iron, walls and ceilings - paint;

- Plumbing installations: water pipe - filled with polypropylene pipes, to the plug;
    sewage - filled with specialized, PVC sound absorbing pipes to a point;
- Electrical installation: fully built with installed switches, sockets, mounted apartment board;
- Low-current installations: built wiring for cable TV, telephone, internet, alarm and bell and intercom installation;
- Heating system: built gas installation and gas boiler; high- grade Italian radiators; installed air conditioner outlets and an air conditioner box.

- Landscaping: built according to an approved project for park and public works.