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The hanging gardens of Semiramis in your home!

For the first time in Bulgaria, in our complex of boutique buildings you will find a truly ecological construction, with care for tomorrow. A symbiosis - an eclectic of the best man-made in the past, inspired by the world's second wonder - the "Hanging Gardens of Semiramis" in Babylon and modern functional solutions, in the service of today's dynamic urban man.
Vertical gardens to each terrace - with drip irrigation and smart management. Here we strive not only to use natural materials, but also to literally green the forefronts, which we will turn into a vertical, evergreen forest with controlled growth, without the need for special gardening - maintained by automatic, water-saving irrigation systems.
The gardens are filled with evergreen, deciduous and coniferous plants, which creates a year-round green environment for the owners. The evergreen gardens and the overall landscaping of the complex filter the air, absorb harmful emissions and protect from solar radiation and city noise. The Japanese roof garden gives an extra green look to the buildings and contributes to their colorful eco-aesthetics. Following the world trends for ecological construction, we provide you with a real green oasis in the heart of the capital. Your personal garden, in an urban environment, will surround you with unique beauty, tranquillity, fresh air and vital energy, because our building is alive, it breathes with you!

General features of the complex:

"Semiramida-Vitosha" is a large-scale complex of a total of 17 / sixteen / buildings, of which 8 / eight / buildings under construction in the first stage (soon expect information about the expansion of the complex with another 6 / six / buildings), which is located in the fastest growing and modern Vitosha district, on Prof. Vasil Arnaudov Street.
Planned phased construction of the luxury complex solved as a concept:
detached buildings - neighbourhood type without mandatory service fees (condominium decides on the type and size).

There is also a playground for each building available for our future owners.
In the complex can be purchased separate underground garages and above-ground parking lots, separate and with the right to free resale, in accordance with the new changes in the Spatial Development Act.
When buying an apartment in any of the buildings of the complex, you are not bound by prohibitively high monthly management fees, as the complex is designed as a residential area of detached buildings, precisely in order not to burden you with unnecessary costs!
The complex offers its future residents a unique combination of a top location and an innovative concept, presented for the first time in Sofia by the investment and construction company
"Genov and Co" Ltd.

Let's tell you more:

Distribution functionality and AFFORDABLE LUXURY!
"Semiramida-Vitosha" you find functionality of the apartments, without an analogue on the real estate market in Sofia. Every square meter you buy can be used rationally. We offer you real living space - spacious rooms in all apartments, even those with the smallest area, distributed in a way that allows you to use the area of your home 100% and use it with your desired purpose.
- The drawings of the housing distributions show a BRIGHT AREA of the premises! Our approach to our clients is straightforward, we show you the actual usable area of each room, without misleading you about its size, so you can accurately predict the desired furnishing of your property.

- Minimum common areas in the building! We claim that our buildings are designed so that the percentage of common parts is the absolute minimum that could be achieved.

- From 2 to 3 apartments on the floor with a separate elevator, for convenience and greater privacy.

- Extremely bright homes. Light height of 2.67 m. On the premises and 4.50 - 4.85 m. On the loft zones in the multi-room penthouse apartments on the panoramic floor. In almost all apartments, in the bedrooms, where there is a possibility - an additional area of at least 1.2 square meters to 4.8 square meters. per apartment, outside the total area of the site (a gift from us), in the form of panoramic couches / sofas under the windows, made of tempered, shockproof glass for your safety.
We do not save materials! French windows, 6-chamber German joinery REHAU, triple glazing of the highest quality.

We have done all this because we want to build you a truly comfortable home, not huge corridors and terraces, occupying half the area of your apartment and more expensive in common areas. Home means a place where you spend your life, where you gather family and friends in your spacious living room, where you relax in your comfortable bedroom, and if you wish, your children or guests will have their own functional room, and why not two?
And all this, filled with luxury materials and more than affordable!


Our policy is to offer attractive final prices for buyers and thus, they can buy their home with the parameters they strive for (usable area, quality, price, vision), at a lower final price than the average offer. on the property type market.
Our project is made with you in mind, and the goal is to give you the opportunity to get comfortable and beautiful apartments at unprecedented final prices for our first clients:

Apartments - unique, loft style on two levels,
with high ceilings and beautiful views of Vitosha Mountain!

Apartments with a large
FREE yard.


Extremely attractive location of the complex in Vitosha, completely southern terrains with beautiful views of Vitosha Mountain.

"Behind the Maxi Hotel."
- Next to the residential area Garden
- At 191m. from the future Subway Station (the intersection of Stefan Savov Street and Slav Karaslavov Street)
(The location of the subway station is confirmed by Sofia Municipality)
- Walking distance to Fantastico and Kaufland
- Built a large public playground 5 minutes walk from the complex
- Next to a project of Sofia Municipality providing, school, church,
children's and sports playground in quarter 73, as well as the Park "Saints Bulgarian"
on a plot of 26 decares, provided by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church.
- Proximity to Simeonovsko Shosse Blvd. - fast connection to the city center
- Proximity to the Ring Road
- Near Sofia Ring Mall
- Easy and quick access to Paradise Center, Business Park Sofia
- Proximity to the bus stop "Hotel Maxi", buses 67, 102
- Access without connection to the European Union Subway Station,
via Hotel Hemus stop from the route of bus 67

Many schools and kindergartens in the area:

- French school and kindergarten "Victor Hugo"
- Nursery and garden "Merry bells"
- Kindergarten 175 "Sunbeams"
- Montessori Children's House
- British School in Sofia
- Primary School "Petar Beron" and others.
- Proximity to Student City and universities, respectively
and numerous eateries, coffee shops and nightclubs.


Following our concept to provide you with affordable luxury, we are building the Semiramida-Vitosha Complex with the highest class materials. The quality of construction is uncompromising, the design is stylish and elegant - by all world standards, and the overall vision of the completed project combines classic urban luxury and closeness to nature, through the materials used for forefronts, natural materials and evergreen windmills with smart management.

General technical parameters of the building:

- Construction: monolithic reinforced concrete;

- Exterior and partition walls: Porotherm Winerberger ceramic brickwork,
DOUBLE WALL partition walls of the apartments,
thermal insulation -10 cm stone wool.

- Forefronts: Facing with German ceramic clinker bricks (natural ceramics) of the highest quality produced in Europe;
High resistance to weathering, additional energy efficiency, moisture, frost and sound insulation, fire resistance and durability;

- Joinery: 6-chamber PVC Rehau, with triple, reinforced sound insulation glazing, sun protection - 4 seasons, float, low emission Ka glass; hot spacer.

- Entrance doors: armoured, with cash lock, external, fire resistant;

- Walls and ceilings: machine-gypsum plaster;

- Additional sound insulation of the partition walls between the individual apartments;

- Floor: floating cement-sand screed with soundproofing membrane;

- Balconies: high-quality frost-resistant granite, polyurethane waterproofing and mosaic, silicone plaster of the highest quality;

- Common parts: flooring - granite / granite; railings - glass and wrought iron; walls and ceilings - latex;

- Elevators: high class Schindler / Otis or equivalent, spacious, accessible to people with disabilities.

- Plumbing: plumbing - filled with polypropylene pipes, to the stopper;
sewerage - filled with specialized, sound-absorbing PVC pipes, to the point;

- Electrical installation: Schneider, completely built with installed switches, sockets, installed apartment panel;

- Low-voltage installations: built cabling for cable TV, telephone, internet, security system and bell and intercom installation;

- Heating installation: built gas installation and installed gas boiler, high class Italian radiators; installed outlets for mounting air conditioners and installed air conditioning box;

- Vertical planning: built according to an approved project for park development and public works;

- Secure parking for bicycles, fence 1.80 m. and hedges of evergreens, playgrounds to each building. Convenient, independent access for people with disabilities is provided.